Eddie Shrote
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NYPD (Captain)

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The Darkness

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James Mathers

"I own the NYPD!"
Eddie Shrote [src]

Eddie Shrote was a corrupt captain in the New York City Police Department and a business friend of Paulie Franchetti. He was a major antagonist in The Darkness.


Early LifeEdit

Eddie Shrote was a powerful police captain in the NYPD, commanding a large precinct with hundreds of patrol officers and a platoon of New York ESU officers. According to Jackie, Shrote only lives to exploit people, however, and he uses the cops under his command, all either corrupt or psychotic, to do so. He and Jackie were longtime foes. Jackie has always wanted him dead, but it seemed impossible when he was protected by a legion of crooked cops day in and day out.

Work with PaulieEdit

Shrote, even as a police officer, worked with Paulie. Both agreed that the partnership would be mutually beneficial. Jackie Estacado opposed the partnership, however, saying that Mafiosi weren't meant to work with the police. This and many other dissents led to a falling out with Paulie, culminating in an attempt to kill Estacado. However, when Jackie's Darkness powers allowed him to survive several assassination attempts, Shrote made an agreement with Paulie to kidnap Jackie's girlfriend, Jenny, and make Jackie watch her get killed, then kill Jackie himself. Paulie and Shrote manage to kill Jenny, but The Darkness scares them off when they try to shoot Jackie.

Shrote's FateEdit

Shrote met his fate when he tied up Jackie at Trinity Church. Shrote and a few other cops, one male and one female, torture Jackie by drilling holes in his cheekbone. Jackie proceeded to distract the torturers, before using one of his demonic arms to detonate the explosive briefcase opposite to him. The aforementioned explosion kills Jackie, and brutally kills Shrote and his accomplices. This leads to Jackie talking about the Second time he died, and he goes into the World War scenario within The Darkness.

Personality Edit

Shrote is seen as someone to fear since many who irk him disappear. They are mostly scared of him because he is virtually invincible. He and his officers intimidate the weak and downtrodden. Shrote has been known to get pissed off whenever someone calls him Eddie.

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