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The Darkness II

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Chris Tardio

"This fucking guy, right? If he wasn't already married to my sister, I'd have to punish him by introducin' 'em all over again."
Frank regarding Eddie. [src]

Eddie is a mobster in the Estacado crime family serving as a loyal enforcer for his boss Jackie Estacado. He appears in The Darkness II.


The Darkness II Edit

Eddie is first seen hanging out with his close friend Frank at Jackie's favorite restaurant. Later when the restaurant is attacked by rival gangsters, he and other loyal enforcers helps Jackie and Vinny to escape from them. After surviving the attack on Jackie he returns to the mansion with other Estacado crime family gangsters posted there to ensure Jackie's safety. He is seen in the bar having a friendly argument with Eddie where it is revealed Eddie is married to Frank's sister.

He's later seen with Frank in an alleyway leading to Swifty's pool hall, waiting for Jackie's orders.

After Jackie is captured The Brotherhood lead an attack on Jackie's penthouse, Frank and Eddie both attempt to fight back but are overwhelmed and taken prisoner by Brotherhood member Bragg, who is filming the massacre and streaming it back to Valente and the captured Jackie. Then via a live feed Victor makes Jackie choose whether Eddie or Frank dies.


Even if Jackie chooses to not kill either one, Eddie will still die by default but not before he screams aloud obscenities thinking that Jackie chose him to die.

Alternatively if Frank is chosen to be executed, Eddie will scream that Jackie should have chosen him instead. He will later sit alone at bar miserable about Frank's death, saying that he was gonna start taking it easy and spend more time on his boat and reminds Jackie again that he should have picked him to be executed instead of Frank. Eddie also will reveal, that he's wife and Frank's sister isn't aware of how they make a living and believes that they're are construction foremen. After Bragg is killed, Eddie reveals that Frank has left him his boat and finally comes to terms with his death.

Institution Edit

Eddie appears in the Institution as one of the nurses working there, named Edward. When Jackie gets trapped inside the Thorn Bed, Eddie and Frank pull out him out of the utility room (which represents the iron maiden in the real world) when he's transported to the Institution. Eddie then tells Jackie to keep this a secret between us and don't tell anything to Dr. James.

Personality Edit

Just like his best friend, Frank, Eddie is completely loyal to Jackie and his organizations. He's always seen together with Frank and the two seem to be inseparable.


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