Dutch Oven Harry
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Paulie Franchetti] (Boss)


Drug Trafficker

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The Darkness

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Richard Leighton

"Estacado, you little shit! Why don't you make yourself at home?"
Dutch to Jackie. [src]

Dutch Oven Harry is a side character appearing in The Darkness.

Biography Edit

The Darkness Edit

Dutch was responsible for Paulie Franchetti's drug trafficking operation. After receiving a call from Paulie, saying that someone's coming to pay them a visit, Dutch contacts his right-hand Roach Librizzi. Roach tells that he already came and asks Harry if he wants him to bring out the "hard liquor". Harry confirms this, but before Roach can reach his gun, Jackie kills him.

Dutch then sends all his men to kill Jackie. As Jackie corners Harry on a roof, he tells Paulie to blow up St. Mary's Orphanage were Jackie grew up. When Jackie finally reaches him, Dutch falls off the roof on the metro tracks, where he's run over by a train.

Personality Edit

Dutch has been described by his henchmen as a weak, coward, that wouldn't last one minute without Paulie.

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