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Michaelangelo Estacado (Son)

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Tales of The Darkness: Issue 4

"My son will avenge me! He will make you rue the day you heard the name Donatella Estacado and mistreated her so! I curse your cruelty! I curse each and every one of you to the eternal darkness that will be my revenge!"
Donatella Estacado to Inquisition [src]

Donatella Estacado is the mother of Michaelangelo Estacado appearing in Tales of The Darkness: Issue 4.

Biography Edit

Conceiving Michaelangelo Edit

Donatella Estacado conceived a child from unknown man that neither she or her son of knew the identity. While travelling through Florence, Donatella saw Michaelangelo's David statue. At this point Michaelangelo kicked in her womb and Donatella decide to name her son Michaelangelo.

Accused of Witchcraft Edit

When Michaelangelo was still a boy Donatella was accused of Witchcraft after refusing the sexual advance of a young ship captain in service to the Spanish crown. She was taken before an inquisitor and sentenced to burn at the stake. She swore revenge before dying that her son would avenge her.

Personality Edit

Donatella was fiercely independent woman, having no interest in men. She deeply loved her son and tried to give him a life she never had.

Donatella also suffered prejudice because of her gypsy heritage. She was quite tough, resenting those who tried to took advantage of her.

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