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Jackie Estacado (Boss)

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The Darkness II

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Michael Yurchak

"You sure I can't help you out there? I'm real good at shootin' and blowin' shit up, y'know?"
Dolfo to Jackie. [src]

Dolfo is a member of Jackie's mob family in The Darkness II.

Biography Edit

The Darkness II Edit

Dolfo is a demolition expert and works as one of Jackie's enforces. He can be found on the balcony of the mansion shooting bottles and during the second visit pigeons. Jackie can join him and possibly impress him if he's fast enough. If so an achievement or trophy will be unlocked called "That's Why I'm the Boss". He seems to rarely leave the house and is always trying to prove himself to his superiors.

During the attack on the mansion by the Brotherhood, Dolfo is shot in the stomach. When Jackie arrives, he urges his boss to go upstairs as he stays put and defends the elevator. After the attack, he expresses his condolence for Aunt Sarah's death.

Vendettas Edit

Dolfo does have a talent for rigging explosives as shown in the Vendettas campaign as he fixes up multiple bombs for the mercenaries. He surprisingly does play a bigger role in Vendettas than the main story due to his expertise with explosives.

Institution Edit

While in the Institution, Dolfo is called Adolf and takes on the persona of Adolf Hitler after reading Mein Kampf. He's also paralysed from the waist, which later turns out to be false after being shot or shooting himself in the head. After Jackie kills himself with the Siphon, Adolf directs him to the janitor's closet in order to seek his freedom.

Personality Edit

Abilities Edit

  • Demolition Expert:
  • Marksmanship:

Trivia Edit

  • Dolfo has a restraining order put on him for supposedly hurting the feelings of a girl he was having a dinner with for verbally insulting her and threatening to kill her.
  • Dolfo likes John Wayne movies and drinking Jager.
  • Dolfo looks up to Genghis Khan, Alexander the Great and Cookie Monster.
  • Dolfo mistakenly believes that Confucius did karate in Star Wars film who then died and became a ghost. In reality it was Obi Wan Kenobi.


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