Doctor Strange
Biographical Information
  • Sorcerer Supreme
  • Dr. Stephen Strange






Character Information
  • Ancient One (Mentor)
  • Wong (Associate)
  • Neurosurgeon (Formerly)
  • Sorcerer
Real World Information
First Appearance:

Unholy Union

"As ever, mortals will be caught in between and I fear the consequences."
Doctor Strange expressing his worries to Wong. [src]

Doctor Strange is the Sorcerer Supreme of Earth. Trained by the Ancient One, Dr. Stephen Strange is one of a monastic order of sorcerers dedicated both to guarding and maintaining the Nexis - the balancing matrix which holds the tapestry of alternate planes of existence together.

Biography Edit

Unholy Union Edit

Doctor Strange finds disturbance in supernatural world. There is an imbalance that portend great conflict, but he can't exactly who or what is causing it. The Doctor expresses his fear of consequences this conflict will bring to mortal world to Wong.

During the two way battle between Jackie Estacado, Danielle Baptiste and Ghost Rider, Hulk, Doctor Strange steps in and suspends both his former allies. He then proceeds to erase Hulks and Ghost Riders memory of their encounter with Jackie and Daniele, and sends them away. Doctor warns both Jackie and Daniele that a war is coming in which they both will be involved. He then proceeds to disappear.

Personality Edit

Stephen was originally arrogant and selfish yet charming.

After his encounter with the ancient one, he became a humble and compassionate yet sometimes flamboyant person. He's even willing to sacrifice himself to save the world.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Powers Edit

  • Advanced Sorcery: As Sorcerer Supreme, Strange possesses an extremely high level of mastery over magic.
    • Teleportation: Strange can teleport over great distances and even realities.
    • Memory Erasure: Strange can erase anyone's memory. During the encounter with Jackie, he was able to erase both Ghost Riders and Hulks memory of their encounter.
    • Enhanced Healing: By using advanced sorcery, Strange can heal any wounds he receives.

Abilities Edit

  • Gifted Neurosurgery: Strange was one of the world's most renowned neurosurgeons. His genius surgical skill allowed him to flawlessly perform extremely complicated surgeries with little to no mechanical assistance.
  • Occult Knowledge: Strange has a vast knowledge in occultism after training with Masters of the Mystic Arts.

Equipment Edit

  • Eye of Agamotto: Doctor Strange has access to an ancient pendant called Eye of Aggamoto, that lets him to manipulate time.
  • Cloak of Levitation: Doctor Strange has a magical cloak, which not only lets him to levitate, but also protects him from harm.

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