Demon Cop
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Vol. 1 Issue 35

"Don't look at me - I've been hiding on Earth for years."
Demon Cop to Sonatine [src]

The Demon Cop is a demon that lives among humans, disguised as a human police officer working in the Office of Federal Affairs.

Biography Edit

Background Edit

At some point, the demon came to Earth and then took an identity of a police officer working in office of federal affairs.

Meeting with Sonatine Edit

Sonatine eventually comes to the office of federal affairs in Virginia, looking for information about Jackie Estacado. He uses his mind control powers to no effect as the officer is revealed to be a demon. Sonatine ponders as to why so many demons are appearing on Earth, to which Demon Cop can't answer as he been hiding here for years. Sonatine then pulls a gun on the demon and orders him again.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Powers Edit

  • Shapeshifting: The demon could change his appearance in order to hide among humans.

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