David Lizewski
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Vol. 2 Issue 5

"Ehh... you know the score, Jackie. Since when did you ever walk away from a hit? Guys like you an' me, we don't do that. It's bad for business."
David Lizewski after Jackie asks to walk away from the job. [src]

David Lizewski is a sniper appearing in The Darkness comics series.

Biography Edit

Background Edit

David grew up with an abusive father who would beat him up for showing bad performance during baseball games. In his teenager years, he started to smoke meth. David then joined the army and participated in Bosnia war. There he killed a retarded kid for no reason.

Hired by Paulie Edit

Eventually, David was hired by Paulie to Jenny Romano sister if he doesn't call ever twelve hours. Using the Darkness, Jackie manages to track David down and confronts him. Jackie offers him to walk away from this job, but David refuses, saying that it would be bad for business. Jackie then proceeds to kill him.

Personality Edit

Because of difficult childhood, David was cold and enjoyed killing others. He would never walk away from a job, no matter what the cost. This made him a perfect hitman.

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