Darkness Infinity
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  • Scott Lobdell
  • Roger Cruz

Roger Cruz


Marc Campos

  • Matt Nelson
  • Monica Kubina

Dennis Heisler

  • David Wohl
  • Renae Geerlings
  • Sonia Im

August 1, 1999

The Darkness Infinity is a one-shot comic book issue published by Top Cow Productions.

Synopsis Edit

What if Jackie Estacado wasn't the man that was born with the legacy of The Darkness power? What if the bearer was totally unrelated to the New York mafia or anything connected to it? What you'd have is a very different and intriguing Darkness tale, brought to you by two former X-creators, Scott Lobdell (The Darkness, Hellhole, Uncanny X- Men) and Roger Cruz (X-Men)!

Characters Edit

To be added

Plot Summary Edit

In the present-day Earth is destroyed by the Darkness, and in the distant future, an alien race discovers the remains of the planet. They also find a space shuttle on the moon, which, according to the shuttle's records, was in orbit of Earth when the planet was destroyed. Apparently, after Earth was destroyed, the Darkness began looking for a new host, and found the crew of the shuttle, which it possessed, until the crew killed each other.

The alien newcomers were the first to discover Earth, and therefore the first opportunity the Darkness had to inhabit a new host. The comic ends with the Darkness possessing the crew leaving the captain of the ship all alone, and taking off to cause destruction throughout the galaxy, as the Darkness has done for millennia, on thousands of inhabited planets.

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