Darkness Foot-Creature
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The Dark Prince (Creator)

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Tales of The Darkness: Issue 1

"You looked at it too long you felt your head, heart and stomach turn to icy water."
Sela The Fox describing the creature [src]

The Darkness Foot-Creature is unique Darkling appearing in Tales of The Darkness: Issue 1.

Overview Edit

The Darkness Foot-Creature is a giant arachnid -like looking darkling that serves the Dark Prince. The creature is at least five times bigger than a normal human. It has four main legs for walking, two sharp blade-like protrusions on his back and two smaller hands in the front. It's described as extremely terrifying to look at.

History Edit

Searching Runners Gold Edit

The story opens up with Sela the first officer of deep space cargo freighter Runners Gold boarding with a Darkness vessel. A Darkness foot-creature, which presence terrifies her. The captain of the freighter Fincher lets the creature to look a the offering they have to the Dark Prince so they could be given a safe passage through the system. Instead the creature goes deeper into the freighter much to Fincher's objections.

The Darkness Foot-Creature expresses that it wants Captain Fincher to open the secondary compartment hold. Fincher declares that he can't open the hold, because it carries a dangerous bio-conttaminent that must not be exposed to the rest of the ship. The Darkness Foot-Creature break through the hold anyway, revealing it to be carrying forbidden light generating grenades. Suddenly, Fincher opens up the door to space and flushes out the Darkness Foot-Creature out of the freighter.

Powers & Abilities Edit

  • Enhanced Strength: The creature is stronger than normal human being. It was able without too much effort to slice open thick cargo doors.
  • Connection to Dark Prince: Dark Prince can see everything the creature sees it through its eyes.

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