Darkling Girl
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Darkness (Creator)

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Vol. 3 Issue 92

"I'm not one of your little wet dreams. I'm from the home office!"
The Darkling Girl to Jackie. [src]

The Darkling Girl is a unique Darkling appearing in The Darkness comics series.

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Outer Darkness Edit

Sent by the Darkness itself in order to prevent Jackie Estacado from reaching Omaha, the Darkling took the form of a harmless girl. The Darkling then took the same airline flight that Jackie took. During the flight he looks at Jackie and waves at him with the latter waving back.

After Clark McKendricks destroys the plane, the Darkling pretends to be falling, making Jackie to go after him. As Jackie catches him, the Darkling reveals his true form and attacks him. This makes Jackie to quickly fall to the ground. The Darkling reveals that Jackie's can't make him disappear as he was sent by the Darkness itself. Seconds before hitting the ground, Jackie manages to crush the Darklings head, thus killing him.

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