Dark Axe
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Jimmy Wilson (Wielder)

Appears in:

The Darkness II

Real World information

"I found it in the woods and liked the balance. It kills jes fine."
Jimmy Wilson to Johnny Powell. [src]

The Dark Axe is a powerful throwing axe wielded by Jimmy Wilson in The Darkness II Vendettas campaign.

History Edit

Early History Edit

Nothing is known about who created the Dark Axe or where it came from. All is known that one day while wandering the woods in Scotland, Jimmy Wilson found the axe stuck in tree. Liking its balance, Jimmy took the axe and started to wield it as his own.

Vendettas Edit

After becoming a mercenary for hire, Jimmy was hired by Jackie Estacado for his connection to the Darkness. This led him to meet other people with the Darkness artifacts and face-off against the Brotherhood. During his battle with the Brotherhood, Jimmy used the Dark Axe and its dark powers to kill his opponents. After stopping the Brotherhood, the axe was still in Jimmy's possession.

Capabilities Edit

The Axe allows Wilson to summon Darklings that run after Jimmy's enemies and explode when in range. Surprisingly, Jimmy is able to upgrade and modify his Darklings a lot more than Jackie Estacado can upgrade his one Darkling. Jimmy's Darklings also possess identical shirt their master wears and green hats.

Whenever Wilson throws his axe at his enemies, it will always come back to him no matter how far the two are from each other. This could imply that the axe recognizes Jimmy as its wielder and possess some sentience. The axe can also heal Jimmy's wounds if the latter destroys his opponents hearts with it.

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