Dana Cutrone
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Joey Skelton (Boyfriend)

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The Darkness

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Charity James

"Two years I paid rent on that place an' now that asshole thinks he can fuckin' steal it from me."
Dana to Jackie. [src]

Dana Cutrone is a side character appearing in The Darkness.

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The Darkness Edit

Jackie encounters Dana in Canal St. Subway after returning from the Otherworld for the first time. Dana asks Jackie help because her boyfriend, Joey Skelton, has changed the locks on her apartment, leaving her with nowhere to go. She wants Jackie to go find him and get the new key for the place for her.

The place is in Chinatown, in a small building that has a corridor that connects Lester Street with Mulberry Alley. If you ask her boyfriend for the keys, he'll hand them over, and you'll also be able to enter the apartment and nab the Lumberjack Outfit for Jackie's Darklings. Return the key to Dana for a collectible phone number.

Later, Jackie asks Dana to leave the apartment after finding out from Alfred Blackmoore, that she hasn't paid rent for three months. Although at first she tries to shift the blame on Alfred for increasing the rent, Dana ultimately complies and hands the key to the apartment to Jackie, promising to leave.