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Vol. 1 Issue 19

"Everyone is responsible for everything he does. There can be no excuses, no mercy. What must be done, must be done."
Cristofano to Jackie [src]

Cristofano De Vesci is a character appearing in The Darkness comic series.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Cristofano worked as hitman for Frankie Franchetti, taking out his competitors and traitors in his organization. At some point he married Megan Scott-Franchetti and together they had a daughter, Nicoletta.

After finding out that Rocco has betrayed Franchetti, Cristofano kills him by shooting him straight to the head in the sight of young Jackie Estacado. He then teaches Jackie to have no mercy to those that threaten his loved ones.

When Cristofano's wife Megan, betrays the mafia and goes to the police with the evidence against Frankie, he personally goes and kills her. After this act, Cristofano leaves the Franchetti and his mafia.

Hit on Jackie Edit

Many years later, Cristofano is visited by Manx in the middle of the night. Manx suggests Cristofano late wife didn't killed in accident and might have been killed by Jackie, under the orders of Frankie. Manx then reveals that she wants Cristofano to kill Jackie.

Instead of going after Jackie to kill him, Cristofano saves him from a rival hitman. Cristofano reveals, that he killed his wife after she decided to reveal about Frankie Franchetti's dirty dealings to the police. Cristo then says that his daughter, Nicoletta has been kidnapped and will be killed if he doesn't kill Jackie. He then begs Jackie to find her and bring her back. Jackie calms him down and promises to save Nicoletta.

Personality Edit

Cristofano strong willed man, that was willing to do anything to protect his loved ones. He believed that there should be no mercy for those that betray the mafia. Cristofano strictly followed this code and even kills his own wife after she decides to reveal about Frankie Franchetti's dirty dealings to the police, thus betraying them. Although, this act left him broken and Cristofano decides to leave the mafia for good, believing that serving Frankie was a mistake all along.

Cristofano had special bond with Jackie, seeing him as his student. He teaches Jackie about loyalty and honour. Thus even after his daughter is kidnapped and he's threatened with her life is he doesn't kill Jackie, Cristofano doesn't betray him and instead turns to him for help. Likewise, Jackie respected him.

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