Count Orlok
Biographical Information

Nosferatu, Graf Orlok
Old One, Bird of Death


Vampire (Transformed by Belial)




Destroyed (Killed by Eva)

Character Information

Brotherhood of Darkness
Belial (Master)


Vampire Elder
Dark Brother

Real World Information

The mysterious Count Von Orlok was an aging vampire elder and a follower of the Brotherhood of Darkness. He was part of a small circle of Brothers who were seeking to initiate an Old Latin ritual to siphon the Darkness from Jackie. As Orlok was finishing the rite, Eva killed him.

Orlok's background as a vampire was unique among the undead. Whereas common vampires are the blood-descendants of Cain and Lilith, Orlok was resurrected into his vampirity by the demon lord Belial, one of Lucifer's lieutenants. His reputation earned him the moniker Bird of Death.

His previous life is overall ambiguous. All that can be discerned is that he hailed from a city in Germany called Wisborg. Similar to Count Dracula, Count Orlok - known there as Graf Orlok - was a nobleman who became a stalking predator in unlife; feared by the people of Wisborg.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Powers Edit

  • Immortality: Like all vampires, Orlok was effectively immortal in that his undead flesh neither aged nor decayed with the passing of time; instead becoming stronger and more statuesque. While his exact age was never stated, he was well over several centuries old by the time of his true death.
  • Darkness: Through the invocation of an advanced Old Latin rite, Orlok was able to siphon a large portion of the Darkness's power from Jackie. While he was slain before completing the transfer, the unfinished spell bound the vampire's soul to the Darkness before finally being broken by Eva.
    • Mystical Armor: Further into the ritual as the Darkness quickly transitioned from Jackie into Orlok, the Count began to manifest his own armor; encompassing even his head. However, because of the interrupted incantation of the spell, the armor failed to protect him from the arcane crossbow bolt.
    • Darkling Control: As the Darkness manifested through the ritual, Darklings began to materialize around him; all eager to perform his immediate desire to kill Eva. Even after his death, the Darklings were compelled by Orlok's mind before Eva freed them by killing the manifestation of Orlok's spell.

Abilities Edit

  • Occultism: With centuries of experience under his belt, coupled with his indoctrination into the Brotherhood of Darkness, Orlok had extensive knowledge of the occult. He was particularly adept as a Master of Ceremonies - performing advanced Old Latin invocations to achieve paranormal feats.

Weaknesses Edit

  • Enchanted Bolts: Eva was able to dispatch Orlok with a crossbow bolt of her own design; with a purified iron head steeled with spell-work intended specifically to corrode undead skin; inflicting wounds that healed like living flesh and left scars. The bolt killed Orlok with a strike to the heart.