Compton Scarr
ZThe Darkness s11
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The Darkness

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Sky Soleil

"You got a problem, tough guy?"
Compton Scarr to Jackie. [src]

Compton Scarr is a character appearing in The Darkness.

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The Darkness Edit

Compton is first encountered during Jackie's first visit to Canal St. Subway Station. He takes a harmonica from a street musician George Hadel and refuses to give it back, unless he pays him couple of hundred bucks. Jackie can threaten Compton and force him to give back the harmonica.

Later in the game Compton takes the harmonica from Hadel again and Jackie must go retrieve it for a second time. Only this time, Compton doesn't leave Jackie any other choice but to kill him. In return for retrieving the harmonica and dealing with Compton for good, George gives Jackie a collectible phone number.

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