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Vol. 3 Issue 80

"You okay, Mr. Scab?"
Colborne's henchman to Scab. [src]

Colborne's Henchman is unnamed henchman appearing in The Darkness comics series.

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Colborne's henchman together with his colleague were hired by Colborne to bring a man named Scab to Port Gillespie. As they approach his whereabouts, the men watch as Scab pushes a man and himself through a third floor window. Although covered in blood, Scab doesn't receive any major trauma, while the man he attacked dies. Scab explains that the man was a pimp with which he had an argument.

Scab then asks if any of them have liquor. They don't but a Colborne's henchman instead gives him vodka. After Scab washes the blood with vodka, Colborne's henchman points out that his earlobe is kind of torn off. Scab checks it and asks if they have duct tape as they leave to Port Gillespie.

On their way to the swamp, Scab's driver expresses his frustrations of being ordered to be a driver for freak like Scab. His colleague tries to calm him down in order to not wake up their passenger. The Scab's driver doesn't see why Scab is so special. Although his colleague doesn't know it either, he guess that Scab might have a healing factor.

Suddenly, Scab awakens from his sleep and reveals that he has no powers. He just doesn't feel any pain or pleasure. Insulted by how the driver calls him, he throws the henchmen out of the car and drives away.

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