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Oil Baron

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Vol. 3 Issue 80

"Yes, but you really want to go to defcon one this early? She's just an Indian girl. It'd be like dropping a daisy cutter on a kitten."
Colborne to the Sovereign. [src]

Colborne is an oil baron appearing in The Darkness comics series.

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Colborne planned to open a new oil refinery in the swamp located in Port Gillespie. When his henchman Deckard with his team get there, they find Jackie Estacado already there. Thinking the he's from a rival oil company, Deckard decides to put two of his men on Candace Cypress and then capture her in order to get a lease from a tribal council.

Later, Colborne is informed that Deckard has lost his ops team while they were trying to apprehend Candace just like his field geologist he sent earlier. Sovereign suggests Colborne to send Scab in order to secure the swamp as he is already in Miami. Colborne is reluctant, thinking that its a bit overboard to send him to capture Candace. Sovereign answers that if the competition turns out to be who he thinks it is, Scab will be invaluable. He finishes by saying that the swamp will their no matter the cost.

Some time later, Deckard calls Colborne, saying that Scab hasn't shown up yet and the rival concern is making a play for the Candace. Colborne calms his down, telling that Scab has been known to be erratic, but his success rate is off the charts. Once he's on the scene he'll undo whatever mess Deckard made. As Colborne hears some kind of commotion, Deckard informs that Scab has finally arrived.

Deckard then calls Colborne again, lying that he received a new report from the geologists in St. Petersburg. The tests were compromised and there's no oil in the swamp. Colborne is disappointed, saying that he will wait for a full report on Thursday, before Deckard ends the call.

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