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Ramon Estacado (Formerly)



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Vol. 3 Issue 89

"We'll do what we want!"
Clem to Ramon Estacado. [src]

Clem is an outlaw appearing in The Darkness comics series.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Clem was an outlaw who ran with Ramon Estacado's gang for some time. At some point they stole an ancient artifact known as the Blood Pearl. Suspecting that it might be cursed, Ramon insisted the gang to keep the artifact and not sell it, and then leaves the gang. This turned out to be true as Clem and the rest of the gang were turned into demons. Blaming this on Ramon, Clem and his new gang set to track down Ramon.

High Noon Edit

After Ramon survives an exploding train wagon boobytrapped by Pinkerton agents, he's confronted by his former gang. Clem and his gang exact revenge on Ramon by beating him up, throw him into a ditch and then stealing all the gold. Clem with the gang then went to a local town and started to ravage it.

In the morning Ramon tracks down Clem and believing that his former gangs powers only work in the darkness, attacks them. Unfortunately, Clem's powers do work in daylight and he proceeds to attack Ramon. Ramon then realises that it's the Blood Pearl that gives them this power. He snatches the pearl from Clem and breaks it, turning all his former gang back to humans. This surprises Clem, as he never thought about breaking the pearl as it was to valuable. Ramon then proceeds to kill Clem.

Personality Edit

Clem is hardened outlaw of the West, that wasn't above killing and raping women. After Ramon leaves Clem to be turned into a demon, he developed a grudge against him.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Powers Edit

  • Demon Physiology: After obtaining the Blood Pearl, it turned Clem into a demon.
    • Enhanced Strength: As a demon, Clem is incredibly strong, able to overpower even Ramon in his Darkness armour.
    • Enhanced Durability: As a demon, Clem is more durable than an ordinary human. He was able to survive being smacked into a ground on his head with huge force, something that to a normal human would cause fatality.

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