Clairvoyant's Mother
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Clairvoyant (Son)

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Vol. 3 Issue 75

"Be still, son. You looked into the face of evil today and you set a stumbling stone in his path."
The Clairvoyant's Mother to her son. [src]

The Clairvoyant's Mother is unnamed woman appearing in The Darkness comics series.

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Absolute Darkness Edit

The Clairvoyant's mother together with her son, worked in a travelling carnival. At some point Jackie Estacado approaches her son and asks to read his future to him. Not liking his possible future, Jackie asks the Clairvoyant to read his future again. After six times telling the same thing, Jackie asks him to read again, but the Clairvoyant refuses citing the the he always sees the same outcome.

Angered, Jackie pulls a gun on him, but Clairvoyant tells that killing him is the first step to his ruined future. Jackie then decides to leave. The Clairvoyant's mother brings him a tea and calms her son down, saying that if he manage to cause evil pause, even for a moment then he's given the world a precious gift.

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