Christian Estacado
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Biographical Information

Dark Prince





  • Deceased
  • Died by Conception
Character Information

Ariana Estacado (Mother)



Real World Information
First Appearance:

Tales of The Darkness: Prologue

"Your concern, as always, is touching. But what care I for the caresses of any woman, when I can wrap the arms of the Darkness about me any time I choose?"
Christian Estacado to Ariana Estacado. [src]

Christian Estacado was a dark prince of The House of Estacado and a was amongst the worst hosts of The Darkness. He was the son of Ariana Estacado and is an ancestor of Jackie Estacado.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Christian Estacado was born to Ariana Estacado. After manifesting his Darkness powers he conquered entire countries and created a powerful empire, which he ruled with an iron fist.

Tales of the Darkness Edit

He was the ruler of a great empire and was but one step away from his coronation as king of his divided homeland. With The Darkness he intended to unite the warring principalities and vast dominions under his crown; to establish a new monarchy, a new hierarchy, a new Hell on Earth with none to stand in his way.

He was tricked by a nobleman, Issiah Rainmaker; who offered him a mortal woman disguised as The Angelus to him as a servant. Christian accepted the offer and killed his mother when she tried to kill the woman. The woman had sex with Christian with the intent of becoming pregnant with his child, thus killing him.

The plot was successful and Christian died as the sun rose over The House of Estacado. The woman lit the funeral pyre for the fallen prince.

Personality Edit

Christian yearned to love and be loved by a woman, because of his inability to have sexual relationship with women caused by The Darkness. Lacking this experience, Christian suffered from depression. To gain women's love he was even willing to kill his own mother.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Powers Edit

  • Darkness: Christian is the host the Darkness and thus has access to various supernatural powers.
    • Mystical Armor: Like other hosts, Christian could manifest a set of armor made out of Darkness, which would protect him from any physical harm.
    • Darkling Control: Christian could create and control an army of Darklings.

Abilities Edit

  • Imperial Rule: With the help of his Darkness powers, Christian was able to conquer many lands and create a vast empire for himself.

Weaknesses Edit

  • Conception: As any other host, Christian would die the moment he would conceived a child. This exactly what happens to him, when he has a sexual intercourse with the Angelus.
  • Strong Light: Christian couldn't operate his Darkness powers in strong direct sunlight.

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