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Vol. 2 Issue 10

"I have a different idea. I will shoot you twice in the head, and send your body back to your family in pieces. Then we will kill all the rest of your Franchetti bastards and take this city for our own. We are no longer satisfied with crumbs while you gorge yourselves at a banquet. "
Cheng to Jackie, when the former proposes truce. [src]

Cheng was a member of Yuen criminal organization, appearing in The Darkness comic series.

Biography Edit

Meeting with Jackie Edit

Cheng first confronts Jackie in a restaurant located in Chinatown. Jackie proposes to Yuen to forget their differences and stay out of their each business. Cheng rejects the offer and is taken hostage by Jackie. A gunfight erupts and Jackie shoots out the back alley light so he could use the Darkness. The darklings quickly kill all the mobsters except for Cheng. Jackie makes Cheng to send a message to his boss in Hong Kong, that he's going to kill the Yuen.

Fate Edit

Cheng meets with the Yuen leader in Hong Kong and gives the message from Jackie. Yuen then orders his hitman, Kuo to kill Cheng. The hitman then proceeds to kill Cheng by using supernatural powers.

Personality Edit

Cheng was very loyal and devoted to Yuen criminal organization. Feeling the strong back of Yuen behind him, he even attacked Jackie.

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