Charlie Hazelgrove
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Deceased (Trapped in the Otherworld)

Gameplay Information

Rosie Hazelgrove (Wife)



Appears in:

The Darkness

Real World information
Voice Actor:

Danny Mann

"I know this situation was a bit of a bugger but no matter what, the thought of her kept me alive. She was my light in the Darkness."
Charlie regarding his wife. [src]

Charlie Hazelgrove is a side character in The Darkness.

Biography Edit

The Darkness Edit

Jackie encounters Charlie in the tunnel leading to the trenches, after the explosion in Trinity Church. He thanks Jackie for all his work he has done to help them defeat the undead German forces. Charlie then asks Jackie to take his bracelet to his wife in the real world, because the thought of her kept him alive in the Otherworld.

Charlie is only seen in the level aptly named Verdun Est Abyssus, or, "Verdun Is Hell." He speaks with a notable British accent and his seen in the sewers, usually carrying a standard rifle composed of different rifles.

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