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Notable quotes are the famous sayings that are in The Darkness video game. The Darkness is one of the games with the most unforgetable quotes. Each character in the game has a quote that means something that either relates to the story or just sounds good coming out of their mouths. Quotes that relate to the story usually answer a question. For example "And that was the end of the line" by Jackie Estacado helps us understand what he meant by the end of the line that he was mentioning through out the story. We still aren't sure if he was referring to Uncle Paulie Franchetti's death, or the end of the game. But it helps us understand a bit more about what he meant.

Some notable quotes:Edit

"There's always a little light in The Darkness" -- Jenny Romano.

"And that was the end of the line." -- Jackie Estacado

"Learn that you are my puppet!" -- The Darkness

"Who cares about some dead chick, when you could of owned the world!" -- Uncle Paulie Franchetti

"Kill him and lose your soul to me!" -- The Darkness

"That was the first time I died." -- Jackie Estacado

"Human misery. Suffering. Disease of the mind and heart festers here. It's a good place to die." -- The Darkness

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