Carlos Toledo
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NYPD Detective

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Vol. 3 Issue 102

"I'd rather suck Russian dick, than take one up the ass."
Carlos Toledo to Jackie. [src]

Carlos Toledo is a corrupt detective, appearing in The Darkness comics series.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Carlos worked as a detective in New York police department. He would often take bribes and align himself with various criminals. At some point, Jackie Estacado starts bribing Carlos so he would know the situation on the streets.

War with Valko Balakov Edit

When Valko Balakov's Bulgarian criminal organization attacks Jackie's business, Carlos meets with him and his team outside his headquarters. He warns Jackie to get on top of this, before Toledo is forced to do something about this or even join with the Bulgarians. Jackie tells him, that he will deal with this.

After Jackie allegedly kills fifteen gangster belonging to Valko Balakov's mob and seven female prostitutes, Carlos goes to check the crime scene. On the crime scene he meets with Danielle Baptiste and her partner Gleason, who are investigating the murder. Danielle believes that this murder was committed by Estacado's mob. Toledo tells that is just gangster killing gangster and there will be less trouble now. This only angers Danielle, after which Gleason tells Calros to leave the crime scene.

When Carlos leaves, he calls his lieutenant asking who let Baptiste and Gleason to investigate this case. He then orders him to reassign them immediately. Carlos then proceeds to call Jackie's second-in-command, Wilson Hammond to take control of him.

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