Carlo Estacado
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Jackie Estacado (Son)

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The Darkness II

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"Jackie, ya can't outrun your fate, but ya sure as hell gotta try."
Carlo to Jackie. [src]

Carlo Estacado was former host of the the Darkness and the father of Jackie Estacado.

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"Your father wanted a cure for the Darkness. He wanted a cure for his little boy. Isn't that sweet?"
Victor to Jackie. [src]

After his 21st birthday, Carlo became the host of the Darkness. With its power, he accumulated vast wealth and power. Carlo then began to gather information about the Darkness in order to better understand its nature and take control of it, which quickly turned into an obsession. He soon became the best expert regarding the Darkness and started to collect various relics related to the entity and filled his mansion with them built on a sacred ground.

This knowledge let Carlo evade death upon the birth of his son, Jackie after the Darkness left his body and inhabited its sons. But this was at the cost of his own sanity. Knowing that Jackie will become a Darkness host during his 21st birthday just like him, Carlo started to look for a way to prevent this and save his son from this curse. Having heard about the Siphon, a relic which can contain the Darkness, he reached out to the Brotherhood.

Being fully aware that its leader Victor Valente wants the Darkness, Carlo promised the Brotherhood the Darkness if they found the Siphon. Unfortunately, it took the Brotherhood two decades to find the relic during which Carlo passes away.

Trivia Edit

  • In the comics, Jackie's father was Danny Estacado, a drug addict hitman working for Jimmy Franchetti and who dies after impregnating a prostitute.
  • In the comics, the host of The Darkness dies when he concieves a child, passing The Darkness to his next host. In the video game series, Jackie's father is shown to have been alive over five years after Jackie was born. Why and how this is, is unknown, although is hinted that Carlo's vast knowledge about the Darkness had something to do with this.

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