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Vol. 1 Issue 16

"Oh, Cardinal Innocent! You do me too much honor! I will gladly do this thing for you! For the faith, and for my own immortal soul!"
Cardinal Jasper to Cardinal Innocent [src]

Cardinal Jasper is a character appearing in The Darkness comic series.

Biography Edit

Meeting with Cardinal Innocent Edit

Cardinal Jasper was invited by Cardinal Innocent to have a talk. Cardinal Innocent tells Jasper, that he has set in motion a series of events that will alter the future of church. Because of this, he needs someone else besides him to take the credit for these events, so he chooses Jasper. Cardinal Jasper is honoured and gladly takes this task.

Judgement Edit

The next day Cardinal Innocent and Cardinal Jasper come before the inquisitors. The inquisitors blame Jasper for sending Sister Mariella on a mission to kill The Darkness host not only before she finished her training, but also without their blessing. Realising his predicament, Cardinal Jasper pleads for help from Cardinal Innocent, who keeps silent. Inquisitors then sentence him for the betrayal of the church and send him to the dungeons.

Personality Edit

Cardinal Jasper is humble and devoted servant of God and the church. He is quite naive and gullible, which is why Cardinal Innocent uses him as a scapegoat for his crimes.

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