Cardinal Crease
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School of Angelus (High Ranking Officer)



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Vol. 3 Issue 87

"We're fighting a war here, boy. Wars need killers."
Cardinal Crease to Regis Tyne. [src]

Cardinal Crease is a high ranking member of the School of Angelus, appearing in The Darkness comics series.

Biography Edit

School of Angelus Edit

After being kicked out from Catholic church, Cardinal Crease joined the School of Angelus, were he overseer training of the fighters for the war with the Darkness. He would spread his doctrine regarding the student vital role in the holy war, via damp, blue and white mimeographs left atop their desks each morning. Cardinal Crease then would pick one of the students by the ear from the table to recite his daily missive.

Some time later, one of the students, Regis Tyne kills a fellow student named Riley. Cardinal Crease finds out about this from Tyne's friend Garret. He then confronts Tyne and tells him, much to his astonishment, that he have graduated and will be assigned to his field position by morning.

Personality Edit

Cardinal Crease is cold and strict. He would teach a very harsh discipline to his students and viewed killing another student as an appropriate action.

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