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Vol. 3 Issue 1

"You're a smart enough guy, but I'm a lifelong criminal. It's my business to know who the killers are in any room and in this room there's only one. And that one has A .38 pointed at your nutsack. "
Caprio threatening Professor Kirchner. [src]

Caprio is a drug dealer appearing in The Darkness comic series.

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Background Edit

Caprio was a drug dealer operating in the East Coast. At some point he was hired by Professor Kirchner and Jackie Estacado to overseer the distribution of Nightfall in the states.

Empire Edit

Caprio invited Gerry Kiffin a drug dealer from Miami to come to Sierra Muñoz and make a deal with Jackie Estacado to sell Nightfall in his neighbourhood. Together with Caprio, Gerry meets with Professor Kirchner and Jackie at the Cathedral.

Gerry is amazed by the Cathedral's design and Caprio introduces him to the new synthetic drug called Nightfall. Created from Darkness by Kirchner, the drug induces incredible sense of pleasure while not being physically addictive. Although the person won't be able to stop thinking and wanting the drug. By using this drug, Jackie and Kirchner were able to take the Sierra Muñoz from their previous leaders as long they got another dose of the drug.

Cautious, Gerry decides to buy Nightfall for two hundred thousands dollars. Kirchner explains that their minimum starts at half a million. Caprio proceeds to convince Gerry they he will quickly get back his money selling this drug. Convinced he complies with their offer. Caprio then tells Gerry that they will go over the details of the deal back at the hotel. Before leaving to think this deal through, Gerry is warned that the drug must be kept from direct sunlight.

Caprio then goes and talks with Kirchner eye to eye. He reveals knowing that Ocaso is actually Jackie Estacado and that Kirchner has been tweaking the Nightfall, making it more addictive. With this information, Caprio blackmails the professor in giving him all the Nightfall he can move for free and one time fee of five million dollars. Kirchner agrees with the deal and says that Tomas will deliver the first two million to his boat, while the rest will be given on Caprio's next visit.

As Caprio leaves he's attack by the Darklings. Seeing them, Caprio frantically tries to get in back into the Kirchner's office, but the professor locks the door behind. Caprio then opens fire on them, but the bullets to little to no damage to them. The Darklings then proceed to devour him.

Personality Edit

Caprio was a sly and greedy drug dealer. He figures out not only Ocaso's true identity as Jackie Estacado, although it took him a while to put it together, but also that Kirchner was making Nightfall more addictive.

With this information Caprio blackmailed Kirchner into giving him more money and as much Nightfall he wanted for free. He even was willing to threaten the professor, when the latter suggesting in killing him.

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