Cannon Driver
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Deceased (Trapped in the Otherworld)

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Cannon Driver

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The Darkness

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Voice Actor:

Ken Lally

"You're not supposed to be here!"
The Cannon Driver to Jackie as he enters the cockpit. [src]

Cannon Driver is a side character appearing in The Darkness.

Biography Edit

The Darkness Edit

Jackie encounters the driver, an undead German soldier, in the Otherworld, when he hijacks the giant cannon guarding a ruined castle. The driver sits in the corner of the cockpit, missing all his limbs.

When he gets inside the cockpit, the driver expresses that Jackie shouldn't be here and he should stay away from the controls. Jackie ignores him and proceeds to direct the cannon into a tunnel leading to the castle where the Darkness resides. Although Jackie reaches the castle, the cannon has no more shells left to shoot. This forces Jackie to continue his travel on foot.

Trivia Edit

  • When Jackie encounters the driver of the cannon, curiously he's missing all his limbs. This suggests, that the driver never operated the cannon in the first place, but instead it was the Darkness.

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