Brotherhood Melee is a term given to members of The Brotherhood that primarily use melee attacks against Jackie. They are higher ranked members of the Brotherhood and have more weaponry than rookies.


Brotherhood Melee members have an unusual appearence as they seem to be wearing armour and weapons coated in a substance similar to that of The Darkness itself. This makes them harder to kill as their armour must be destroyed first in order to use executions and other interactive attacks through the Serpents. Some of them are equipped with shields that are coated in the unknown substance and must be broken off of the shield itself in order to be taken/used. Most are seen utilizing pickaxes which are also coated in the substance.

Behavior and AbilitiesEdit

Brotherhood Melee enemies aren't as common as their gun-toting companions, but they are a lot more agressive and pose a bigger danger. They attack with what appears to be a Darkness encased club. They tend to charge forward in an extremely aggressive manner, trying to get within striking distance as quickly as possible. They have more armor than the Brotherhood Rookie but it completely encases their arm which makes them vunerable to head-shots. They also tend to attack in groups of one or two and are mostly accompained by Rookies or Support Units.

However, since their body is encased with Darkness armor, it must be destroyed in order to preform executions.