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"The Brotherhood, is the Holy Fuckng Grail of secret societies."
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The Brotherhood is an ancient and powerful secret society led by Victor Valente that appears in The Darkness II and are main antagonists of the game.


The Brotherhood was formed hundreds of years ago by a saint for the sole purpose of protecting the world from The Darkness. But they eventually became corrupted and now want to control The Darkness so they can rule the world and have the human race bow before them as their True God. They seem to be highly organized and well funded since most high ranking members are powerful people even outside the Brotherhood. They know a lot about Jackie Estacado and The Darkness, like his weakness to light. They are all equipped with various tools that use light as a weapon, such as flashbang grenades or flash cannons. The Brotherhood is also involved in human trafficking and other forms of organized crime.

They also have gathered what appears to be pieces of Darkness energy and have implemented them into weapons and equipment.

Brotherhood MembersEdit

High Ranking Members Edit

Victor Valente- Leader of The Brotherhood and has become obsessed with using the Siphon of the Angelus to steal The Darkness from Jackie.

Mister Peevish- Peevish seems to be the right hand to Victor Valente and appears to have been completely corrupted by and addicted to dark essence. By the time Jackie confronts Peevish, Peevish has gained Darkness powers that Jackie reclaims after killing Mister Peevish.

Mister Bragg- A high level enforcer within the Brotherhood who seems to possess some Darkness powers. He murders Aunt Sarah right in front of Jackie before shooting Jackie in the face. He is later killed by Jackie during Aunt Sarah's funeral.

David Graves - Graves serves as the main antagonist during the Vendettas Campaign. He owns the Manhattan Trust bank and is looked up by other members as the second leader of the Brotherhood. During Vendettas campaign his tasked in retrieving the Spear of Destiny for the Brotherhood. At the end of the campaign, Graves impales himself with the Spear and transforms into a Hell Beast.

Jean-Luc Lambert and Amelie Dubois- These twins are in charge of the Old East Docks and transportation of weapons and artifacts for the Brotherhood. Their primary job is the storage and transport of old relics between various Brotherhood facilities. They appear in the Vendettas campaign and serve as Mid to End game boss battles. They seem to possess a minimal amount of Darkness power.

Common Brotherhood Members Edit

Brotherhood Rookie

Brotherhood Melee

Brotherhood Veteran

Brotherhood Veteran Melee

Shielded Brotherhood

Brotherhood Whip

Support Brotherhood

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