Bobby Ravada
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Dev Ravada (Brother)



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Vol. 3 Issue 79

"Bobby couldn't run a gyro cart for a week, let alone a year."
Dev Ravada describing his brother. [src]

Bobby Ravada is the brother of a smuggler Dev Ravada appearing in The Darkness comics series.

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Regicide Prologue: Pros & Cons Edit

Bobby was present when Dev was contacted by Regis Tyne to join Jackie Estacado's team. He's reluctant to shut down his operations and go exclusive with Jackie for a whole year. Dev is worried that over that year, he would lose all his clients. Regis says that they will have serious jobs for him every week and suggests Dev to lets his brother Bobby run his operations for a year. Dev refuses, saying that he's brother could never be able to run his operations.

Seeing that this is his final answer, Regis tells Dev to open a nearby shipment of cigars from Cuba. Dev complies and orders Bobby to open the crate. When Bobby opens the crate, they're shocked to find a Darkling inside, which ate all the cigars. Regis explains that this is what happens to people who disappoint his employer. Not seeing any other choice, Dev decides to join Jackie's team and leaves Bobby to run his smuggling operations in Baltimore.

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