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Troy Raymer (Boss)


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Vol. 3 Issue 10

"How fucking stupid do you think we are?"
Blakey to Jackie. [src]

Blakey is a Troy Raymer's henchman appearing in The Darkness comic series.

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Crooked: Black Teeth Edit

After Slim sets ups a meeting between Jackie Estacado and meth dealers, Blakey together with his partner figure out that Estacado must be a cop. When they arrive to meet him, Blakey tries to ram Jackie with his car. They then get out of the car, beat up Jackie and bring him to Raymer.

Raymer questions him as to who he's working with. Jackie answers that the Sovereign has sent him and he's changing the terms of their agreement. Estacado reveals that he knows that the Sovereign turned Raymer immortal so the latter could return to his family every night. Instead, after finding out that he's can't die, Raymer lost his moral compass. In anger, Raymer orders his men to throw Jackie into sewage lagoon with a chained weight to his leg.

During the night, Blakey hears a noise outside and goes to check out. As he opens the door, Blakey is decapitated by Jackie.

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