Blair Dray
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Character Information
  • Catholic Student (Graduated)
  • Amateur Porn Actress (Illegally)
Real World Information
First Appearance:

Vol. 1 Issue 32

"Admit it, Padre, you're going to miss me when I'm gone."
Blair to Father Brendan. [src]

Blair Dray is a character appearing in The Darkness comic series.

Biography Edit

The Murder of Blair Edit

Blair Dray went to a catholic school were she met Capris Castiglione and became best friends. At some point she got involved in illegal pornography operation of Sheriff Olsen. For participating in these tapes, Blair would get money. After some time, she hides one of the tapes, showing her in the act. After Sheriff Olsen finds out about this, fearing that Blair will reveal this information to authorities, he kills her.

Sheriff Olsen puts the blame of the murder of Blair on a janitor. He decides to not pursue the janitor with charges much to Father Brendan oppositions. The Sheriff explains that this would only cause an unwanted scandal to their quite community.

Personality Edit

Blair had a joyous personality; optimistic and full of life. However, she wasn't so idealistic that she couldn't accept that she needed to perform illegal activities to to pay off her debts. Thus, she became an underground porn actress. However, ashamed of her choice, she hid it.

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