Black Hole is an ability of The Darkness. It allows him to create a small piece of Darkness and cause it collapse in on itself, creating a vortex of death.

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In the first game, the black hole is an ability obtained in the later game, when Jackie Estacado eats the heart of a cultist inside an abandoned metro station.

To use the black hole, you'll need to use the entirety of the Dark Energy meter (Shown on the sides of the Serpent Heads). Which will recharge shortly after, if you're in the shadows.

The Black Hole is a powerful ability to clear out small rooms of enemies, and even light sources or objects, and to get rid of enemies that are out of your range, at the cost of being unable to use any other power for a few seconds. While using the power, the Demon Heads glow blue.

The Darkness II Edit

A somewhat modified version of the black hole returns in The Darkness II, now through the talent trees.

Once you've obtained the specific talent, Black Holes will drop out of some enemies instead of hearts every once in a while, this can be thrown as objects, and release their power on impact, absorbing any enemies and some objects within range, and then exploding, blowing everything inside it to pieces.

The Darkness Assassin, JP Dumond, in Vendettas mode also has this power and is capable of using it any time rather than having to wait for an enemy to die and spawn a black hole. He also has more upgrade capabilities for his black hole than Jackie.


  • Note that the Black Hole does have a maximum range, so if you try and use it on especially distant enemies, it will wind up going off in midair.
  • In The Darkness II, it will completely destroy enemies' bodies when it explodes, so you might want to stay near it, as to consume their hearts before it collapses.


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