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Vol. 2 Issue 14

"Which means even if he is loony tunes, we sorta gotta let him call the shots for now, anyway. Right, Nunz?"
Benny to Nunz, regarding Dominic Alberto mental state. [src]

Benny is a character appearing in The Darkness comics series.

Biography Edit

Background Edit

Benny worked of Dominic Alberto family as their henchman together with Nunzio and Tonsils.

Attack on Jackie Edit

While hanging out in a restaurant Benny and his friends see Jackie Estacado having a dinner with a girl. Nunz quickly calls Junior asking how should they proceed. Junior answers that he will double the bounty if they kill Jackie in front of everyone at the restaurant. Nunzio and his henchmen proceed pull out their guns and open fire on Jackie. He manages to duck, but girl is shot dead. Jackie counter attacks the mobsters by using The Darkness and creating weapons out of it. He then quickly kills all them.

Revival Edit

Eventually, Don Alberto visits the morgue where their Nunz and his friends bodies were held. After knocking at his body holding chamber, Nunz answers by knocking back.

Together with Don Alberto, Benny and his friends kill everyone during Gina Delfini's wedding celebration. Later Benny and his friends revived by Don Alberto question his mental state. Nunz answers that its because of the bullet in his brain, but the same bullet also lets him to better control his new powers. Because of this, hey decide to let him call the shots. Suddenly, Jackie enters through the door. After expressing his surprise of seeing Nunz and his friends to be alive, he open fires on them with darkness guns.. Don Alberto reveals that they came back from the dead because of the darkness bullets shot at them. The bullets once inside of them, started to grow and turn them invincible. Jackie then unleashes his darklings, but Don Alberto and his henchmen quickly rip them apart. He then envelops with his darkness armour, but by using darkness bullets taken from his henchmen, Don Alberto dissolves the armour. Powerless Jackie is then beat up by the henchmen.

Out of sudden, Don Alberto sees Jackie as Luciano. He helps him to stand up and Jackie goes along, saying that Alberto should make his move onto Vegas. The henchmen try to convince Don that Jackie isn't who he says is, but Don doesn't listen to them and together leave to Vegas. 

Personality Edit

Benny is easy-going, at time slow-minded individual that would do anything for the right amount of money.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Powers Edit

  • Invincibility to Darkness: The darkness bullets in Benny's body gives him invincibility to weapons and creatures made out of Darkness.
  • Immortality: The darkness bullets in Benny's body gives him immortality. He can't be killed by any mortal weapon.

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