Belasco Estacado
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Vol. 1 Issue 12

"Live fast, die young, leave a good-looking corpse. You get to do all these things for me. I thank you."
Belasco to his doppelganger. [src]

Belasco Estacado was a Darkness wielder in the early 1900's. The son of Ramon Estacado and nonidentical twin brother of Teo Estacado, Belasco spent his youth very much like his father - an outlaw and womanizer. Whereas Teo lived obscurely, the Angelus pursued Belasco mercilessly.

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Early Life Edit

In September of 1908 near the Altai Mountains region of Tunguska in Russia, Belasco was caught in battle with the Angelus. He had managed to fell some of her Warriors in combat, but was nonetheless beat to a standstill amidst the forests when the Angelus blasted him into a cabin.

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Powers Edit

  • Darkness: Like all members of his bloodline, Belasco was a vessel of the Darkness; inheriting a portion of the power from his father while his brother possessed the other portion. This state of sharing the Darkness may have halved his power to an extent, but this was never elaborated upon.
    • Mystical Armor: As a Darkness wielder, Belasco could reshape his skull and epidermis and envelop himself in a bull suit of body armor born of the Darkness. This armor endowed his body with otherworldly strength, stamina, and durability; sufficient to battle against a platoon of Angelus Warriors.
    • Darkling Control:
    • Doppelganger: Belasco's understanding of both the creative properties of the Darkness as well as the finer points of his own anatomy and appearance enabled him to fashion a perfectly identical doppelganger of himself to convince the Angelus into believing that she had finally achieved victory.

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  • Unarmed Combat:

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