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Vol. 3 Issue 102

"Poor Bazzie."
Cathead inspecting Bastet. [src]

Bastet is Hope's pet cat appearing in The Darkness comics series.

History Edit

The Crack In Everything Edit

Bastet lived with her owner Hope at her family house, Erewhon. One day, the cat goes missing and Hope goes looking after her. She eventually finds Bastet in the garden. As Hope tries to approach it, the cat scratches her, which causes her owner to run away.

The next day, Bastet hides under Hope's bed, were three Darkling kittens rip out from her. The dismembered cat then crawls to the bunker to the Doppelganger. As he sees the cat, he inspects her, remarking that something has started. Later, a Darkling takes Bastet and proceeds to wear it as a hat.

Trivia Edit

  • Bastet is named after ancient Egyptian goddess of warfare and cats.

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