The Asylum is a hospital meant for patients with mental problems that appears in The Darkness II.

Overview Edit

In The Darkness II, Jackies Institution is a subconscious place to Jackie but in reality it is a place where the
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The Asylum.

 Darkness sends Jackie while it repairs massive injury such as when he was out for four days after being shot in the face. If the Darkness did not create that place for Jackie, when he died (or came near death) he would be sent to Hell and the Darkness would not have a host.


The Asylum appears as a mental institution and Jackie is a patient there along with many of his friends. A few familiar faces appear as staff around the place such as Jimmy "The Grape" being a doctor and a person called Nurse Jenny who is obviously a reincarnation of Jenny herself created to keep Jackie there. Even the Darkling appears in human form posing as a janitor.


The Asylum is essentially Jackies subconsciousness and serves as the only part of him holding onto life while the Darkness performs repairs. When Jackie understands that he must kill himself in the Otherworld to save Jenny, he walks off the roof of the institution causing a horrific vision of everyone disintegrating around him as well as an earsplitting scream of "NOOOOOOOO!" from the Darkness itself. Jackie is then sent to Hell where he frees Jennys' soul only to discover that she is a new host for the Angelus.


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