"There are powers on this Earth that have been with us forever. No one knows if they come from other worlds, or perhaps were handed down by gods - but each requires a human wielder, that their power might be exploited."
Sonatine to Jackie. [src]

An Artifact is one of thirteen distinct instruments of power which are known collectively as the Thirteen Artifacts. Alone, each Artifact possesses immense potential; together, they can influence the fate of the cosmos. A few are living beings, the rest are merely magical relics.

Artifacts[edit | edit source]

  • Witchblade: The offspring of the Darkness and the Angelus - intended to serve as the balance between the two opposing deities. Taking on the appearance of a symbiotic gauntlet, the Witchblade merges with a wielder; endowing them with immense energies and an empowering suit of morphing armor.
  • Angelus: A primordial being of light spawned from the celestial energies of the Big Bang, the Angelus is the agent of order within Creation. A disembodied spirit of flames in its native form, the Angelus seeks out human vessels to possess and to subjugate their consciousness with its own.
  • Darkness: A primordial being of darkness spawned from the void of nothingness that predated the cosmos, the Darkness is the agent of chaos within Creation. A disembodied spirit of shadows in its native form, the Darkness seeks out human bloodlines as hosts; passing down from father to son.
  • Blood Sword: A katana fashioned by a shaman using the soul of a powerful and ravenous demon bound within the blade. The Blood Sword infuses its wielder with the bloodlust and physical power of the creature interred within - compelling them to kill and feed the beast within with their carnage.
  • Pandora's Box:
  • Glacier Stone:
  • Ember Stone:
  • Spear of Destiny: An arcane spearhead endowed with the power of revelation. Although it has a long and sordid history, the Spear is best known for having once been used by the Centurion Longinus to pierce the chest of the crucified Jesus Christ. The Spear is traditionally wielded by the Magdalena.
  • Rapture:
  • Wheel of Shadows:
  • Heart Stone:
  • Coin of Solomon:
  • Thirteenth Artifact:

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