Arm of the Night
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Shoshanna (Wielder)

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The Darkness II

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"This is the Arm of the Night. It is fused with dark essence, it never misses."
Shoshanna. [src]

The Arm of the Night is an ancient sawn-off shotgun, wielded by Shoshanna in The Darkness II Vendettas campaign.

History Edit

Early History Edit

Not much is known about the origins of the shotgun, besides the fact that Shoshanna's family had it for over seventy-five years. Every member of Shoshanna's family who wielded the Arm of the Night hunted and destroyed evil all around the world. Although this was at cost of their own life as none lived to see their thirtieth birthday. Eventually the weapon was passed to Shoshanna.

Vendettas Edit

After quitting MOSSAD and becoming a mercenary for hire, Shoshanna was hired by Jackie Estacado for her connection to the Darkness. This led her to meet other people with the Darkness artifacts and face-off against the Brotherhood. During her battle with the Brotherhood, Shoshanna used Arm of the Night and its dark powers to kill her opponents. After stopping the Brotherhood, Shoshanna still had the shotgun in her possession and continued her quest to track and destroy evil in the world.

Capabilities Edit

The shotgun grants Shoshanna the ability of Gun Channeling. She is able to modify and upgrade this power as much as Jackie's own gun channeling ability. The weapon shoots dark essence rounds and thus never runs out of ammo. Although it still needs sometime to recharge after expending its ammunition. Just like other weapons wielded by Vendettas, the Arm of the Night can heal all of its wielders wounds if it destroys a heart. Also according to Shoshanna the weapon never misses and it can talk to her.

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