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The Darkness\Darkchylde: Kingdom of Pain

Ariel Chylde better known as Darkchylde a cursed teen who can become the creatures from her many nightmares, and then must save her small town from the forces of darkness she's set free. She appears in The Darkness crossover, The Darkness\Darkchylde: Kingdom of Pain.

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The Darkness\Darkchylde: Kingdom of Pain Edit

Darkchylde’s mind is under attack by an alien parasite. Fortunately, a sliver of her psyche breaks off in the form of a smart mouth little girl named Miss Happy. She sends out a distress call to Sara Pezzini, the Witchblade. But the signal gets crossed and Jackie Estacado, the Darkness ends up helping instead.

Jackie is lured down the proverbial rabbit hole by Miss Happy, in the guise of Jackie’s dead lover. He knows she’s dead, but he also knows he would follow her to hell if it would bring her back. After landing at the bottom of the hole, Jackie is first introduced to Miss Happy and her mangled robot. Jackie and Miss happy exchange Shakespearean dialog, spitting lines back and forth with each other. Jackie sees a lost little girl and wants to help her. Miss Happy on the other hand needs to test the water before accepting Jackie’s help. After trust has been established, Jackie is taken to Darkchylde’s blood frozen body/mind. Jackie and the Darkness make quick work of the ice and Darkchylde is re-awoken.

The Alien parasite that’s attempting to attack her resides in Darkchylde’s comatose roommate at the hospital: Madison. Madison is able to create anything she wants and if she can take over Darkchylde’s mind she can wake up in control of her body. The Darkness and Darkchylde team up to defeat Madison’s creations. Madison herself is defeated by the Witchblade. The lines become uncrossed just in time for Sara to steal the glory. Darkchylde knows that if Madison isn’t stopped in the real world the attacks on her mind will continue. Jackie gives her the best advice an assassin can, kill her and move on with her life. Darkchylde awakens in her body and must decide whether to follow his advice.

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  • Summoning: Ariel can summon various creatures from the nightmare realm.
  • Shapeshifting: Ariel can transform in part of in whole into creature of nightmare itself. Most commonly this manifests as bat wings and clawed and scaly hands, but it can go further, giving her a scaly body, pointed ears and razor sharp fangs. The ultimate end of this transformation is a dragon like creature named Fang.
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