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Vol. 1 Issue 22

"No... you will not have my soul."
Antonio Estacado [src]

Antonio Estacado was a host of The Darkness, father of Roberto Estacado, grandfather of Danny Estacado, and great-grandfather of Jackie Estacado.

Biography Edit

Wyrmwood Edit

Antonio Estacado built a settlement on the ancient Native American Indian land of Wyrmwood. Antonio was planning to release the Darkness here in order to get rid of it. Differently from other hosts, Antonio didn't learned how to control his power and once released, the Darkness slaughtered everyone in Wyrmwood. Antonio then left the town, but the Darkness left a small part in Wyrmwood, causing all the denizens to be immortal, but also bind them to the town, never able to leave its premise.

Personality Edit

Antonio was described by Jedidiah as a coward and weak willed person who not only fails to learn how to take control of his power, but also develops a fear for it.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Powers Edit

  • Darkness: Antonio was the host of The Darkness a cursed elemental force of Chaos and Creation. Differently from other hosts, Antonio couldn't control it and instead the Darkness could take control of him.

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