Anthony Estacado
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Jackie Estacado (Great-Great-Grandfather)



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The Darkness

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Kirk Baltz

"I brought this Darkness into our family... This is all my fault."
Anthony to Jackie. [src]

Anthony Estacado was the first known member of the Estacado bloodline to host The Darkness. He was the great-great-grandfather of Jackie Estacado. He served in World War I, and was an American soldier. He claims he is responsible for bringing the darkness into the Estacado family. He now lives in an never ending nightmare in the Otherworld.


Before The DarknessEdit

Not much is known about Anthony before he became the Darkness host. According to his claims, Anthony was the one that brought the Darkness in Estacado family line. It's not revealed how or when this happened during his life. At some point he served as an American soldier in World War I. During the war he died and was trapped in Otherworld.

The DarknessEdit

When Jackie dies for the first time he is transported to the Otherworld where he meets Anthony. Upon meeting him, Anthony demands Jackie to head up to the hills above the village for the two meet in.

Upon going there, Jackie finds Death (One of the Four Horsemen) and receives The Darkness Guns from him. Acquiring the guns according to Anthony, will let Jackie have better control over The Darkness. Jackie is sent underground to find a cannon in hopes of entering the castle which is the heart of The Darkness. Later, when Jackie sets up a plan to kill Eddie Shrote, Anthony calls to Jackie, telling him he needs to find a way back to No Mans Land.

After commiting sucide a second time, Jackie is sent back and finds himself inside the train. Jackie tries to fire a shell at the castle but there are no shells in the cannon at all. Jackie heads back to the village and meets Anthony in a tank. The two storm into a German bunker in hopes of finding a shell. The tank crashes and Anthony is injured by a large creature. Jackie guns down the beast and hears Anthony's last words. Anthony mentions something about "a light in The Darkness" but he is pulled away by The Darkness and dies. 

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