"Perhaps not. But if his life had turned out differently... if someone believed in him the way people believe in you - perhaps, he could've been more like you?"
Alfred regarding Jackie Estacado [src]
Alfred Pennyworth
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The Darkness\Batman

Alfred Pennyworth is butler and trusted friend of Bruce Wayne appearing in The Darkness\Batman comic.

Biography Edit

Alfred Pennyworth was a former MI6 agent and actor was hired by Thomas and Martha Wayne to act as an caretaker and friend for Bruce and he showed extreme signs of sympathy even taking care of the boy when Bruce lost his parents. In many ways Alfred is like a father to Bruce as he raised him. Alfred agreed to help Bruce become Batman and even helped Bruce to raise Dick, Jason and Tim.

The Darkness\Batman Edit

Alfred tells Batman that he should visit the charity event organized by him. Batman is reluctant at first, but changes his mind when Alfred tells that the money raised go to support the people of crime alley.

Later, Alfred stitches up Bruce wounds after the fight with Jackie Estacado. He says that both him and Jackie are very similar to each other.

Personality Edit

Alfred is a sarcastic yet caring individual. He cares about Bruce Wayne and tries to stride him towards doing good as Batman. Unlike Batman Alfred will kill but only if has to protect Bruce or the Bat family. Alfred sees Bruce as his son and hopes to help him as Batman. Alfred feels that without Bruce Wayne he would have no purpose and He will protect the Bat family at any costs. He is extremely loyal to Batman and Robin, as he believes in their mission to save Gotham.

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