Alexandre Quartermaine
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Maximillion Avery (colleague)



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Tales of The Darkness: Issue 3

"I believe people should always be told the truth, despite the consequences."
Alexandre to Maximillion Avery [src]

Alexandre Quartermaine is a researcher appearing Tales of The Darkness: Issue 3.

Biography Edit

The Brotherhood of The Darkness Headquarters Edit

Alexandre Quartermaine and Professor Maximillion Avery inspect the Brotherhood of The Darkness headquarters under the Statue of Liberty. Quartermaine looks around the place and finds a chest full of gold, jewels and a strange dagger. As she tells Professor Avery about her discovery, Sonatine and his men come into the headquarters and apprehend them.

Sonatine then asks Quartermaine to give him the dagger. She gives him the dagger and Sonatine throws it at one of his men killing them, expressing that he's not looking for this thing tonight. Instead he goes to the chest and takes the The Lost Manuscript of Miguel De Cervantes. He then begins to read the book, revealing that after he finishes reading it, Quartermaine and Avery will die.

Alexandre's and Macimilion's fate is never shown, but its implied that Sonatine killed both of them as he said he would.

Personality Edit

Alexandre was head strong and honest person. She believed that people should know the truth no matter the consequences.

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